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Strippers have variable routines inside the nightclubs. They are desired to serve drinks, entertain customers with their moves and also create a seductive environment inside the club. Throughout all this, a lot of walking and dancing is supposed to happen. Hence the stripper should be well comfortable in her stripper shoes to create a highly exotic entertainment at the club. The typical dance styles include lap dance, pole dance and table dance. In this complete effort the movements are very fast and walk has to be perfect. At this point of time the footwear that increases your body weight is a big no no. a footwear should be such that makes you feel light yet shiny, flashy, elegant and high heeled. They should provide support while pole dancing to climb the poles and also provide grip while moving all over the table.


The footwear should guard your feet from bruises and scrapes and support pirouettes along with providing desired assistance to perform dance tricks. Generally sneakers do the best job in creating this sort of energy. Pole dancing sneakers support a number of functional capabilities that help in inversion techniques, swings and roundabouts during the performance.  One can also buy stripper shoes with guided ankle protectors that keep the ankles intact and away from injuries.


Alternative to putting on a 6 to 8 inch heel is putting on the ballet footwear that looks elegant and add lovely appeal. However they are incapable elongating the legs, heighten up the sex appeal, flaunting the sexy curves of the body and creating desired eye contact with the customers. The generic thigh high boots give a slim look but ar also incapable of creating a captivating look. So out of variety of stripper shoes available in the market, the high heels give a sensuous, scintillating and sexy appeal.